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If you're an organisation/ institution/ employer, sign up to support...

Whilst we are encouraged by every person or institution that signs up to the Anti racism clause, this doesn’t guarantee safety. We cannot vouch for any person or institution that has signed the Anti racism clause. Rather it is a tool that has been created to enable Black and non Black POC to hold those that they work with/for to account.

This is a resource for artists and freelancers to use when entering into contracts with organisations/ institutions/ employers.


If you are an organisation/ institution/ employer that supports the terms and values of this clause, then please sign up here and we will add your name to the list below. This will reflect your willingness to engage with the Anti racism clause and that you are in support of its terms and this project.

Once signed, we encourage you to share or represent this commitment on your website and let your staff know about this clause. If you have any questions, you can also contact us here

Thank you

Thanks for submitting!

Signed supporters:

1. Dance4

2. Spike Island

3. Rose Kigwana

4. Vidya Patel

5. Charlotte Vincent

6. Tamily Cookson




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